I am Cat Szafran and I have spent much of my life being surprised by the oft overlooked, unseen layers the world.

Seemingly random and compelling scenes of the everyday that require no manipulation beyond light and filter spark my inspiration. World travel feeds my imagination. Deep and abiding friendships fuel my passion. The French photographer Cartier-Bresson and the lectures and love of Myron Barnstone, my artist father, have been my major influences.

I'm a self-described quirky European chick transplant from the U.K.- a not quite crazy cat lady who now lives and loves in Maryland with Mr. DSz.

“…the unique vision of Cat Szafran whose photographic reflected images are sure to catch you by surprise. Her unique vision pulls the world behind you and the world right in front of you together, creating an enticing and often puzzling view that most of us walk right by without ever seeing.” Sarah Gayle 2010

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